1 《The WIPO Journal》(Volume 2 Issue 2 2011)—世界知识产权组织学术杂志 - 知识产权与竞争法研究网

《The WIPO Journal》(Volume 2 Issue 2 2011)—世界知识产权组织学术杂志

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The Juridification of Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Botswana
John Kiggundu                                                                            

The Economic Effects of Geographical Indications on Developing Country Producers: A Comparison of Darjeeling and Oolong Teas
Deepthi Elizabeth Kolady, William Henri Lesser and Chunhui Ye                            

Filing date requirements under the Patent Cooperation Treaty: Alignment with the Patent Law Treaty?
Cees Mulder                                                                              

IP in Global Governance: A Venture in Critical Reflection
Chidi Oguamanam                                                                          

Competition Law and IP Abuse Prevention in Australia: A Comparative Study
George Yijun Tian